How do we get beyond digital worksheets? An example in open-ended lesson design.

One of the tricks I used to use when I was working in a unit was to take some of the ancillary topics and to create short assignments with them to be done over the period of the unit. This… Continue Reading →

8 Things Your Techie Wished You Knew

Everyone has that friend, relative or co-worker that is their go-to when it comes to computers. Whether they be the IT person at your school, a Silicon-Valley startup techie or if they just smart enough to know how to program… Continue Reading →

Why the iPad is the Worst Thing to Ever Happen to Education

Can we do better? I remember reading somewhere that tech had failed education because something new is always coming out and people want that next thing without knowing what to use it for or even mastering the previous item. ┬áThe… Continue Reading →

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