The following people are authors, podcasters, tweeters or just generally interesting to all of us trying to rethink how we do education.  Find them on whatever medium you prefer and let all of their wisdom wash over you.  There are so many good people doing good things and paving the path towards great teaching.  It is up to you to fill your brain with the good that is out there or be poisoned by the negativity around you.  Here are a few of my favorites sharing the good.  Follow them and begin blazing your own trail to help others get unstuck.  


Alice Keeler @AliceKeeler – Alice Keeler is one of the true allstars of the interweb’s edtech scene.  She is the queen of Google Sheets, Google Classroom and most things GAfE and she is constantly posting simple and helpful tips for using your tech. As a professor, as the founder and host of #CoffeeEDU  and as a general advocate for good teaching through a  student-centered approach, there is so much that can be learned.  Her book 50 Things You Can Do with Google Classroom is one of my new favorites and her blog might as well be the basis for the encyclopedia on the GAfE world. Check it all out, introduce yourself and get to learning from one of the best.


Richard Byrne@rmbyrne -Richard Byrne hosts several very useful websites but my favorite is because it brings all that he does under one roof. He does a lot.  His blog is full of ideas and great articles and he sends regular reviews of great iPad apps so you don’t have to dig through the offerings yourself.  If that wasn’t enough he created almost 80 tutorials on how to incorporate tech into the classroom or even some on just how it works.  He is a tremendous resource and someone else you should be paying close attention to.


Places to Find Relevant Edtech News
@davidhenrycook A great curator of edtech topics.
@EdSurge So many great resources compiled by EdSurge. I pour over their emails for great nuggets for weeks because there is so much in there.
@WeAreTeachers A great teacher-centric site.  Many ideas and resources in one place.
@Edudemic Always on the pulse of edtech.
@edutopia Tons of great ideas and even more thought provoking articles.
@educationweek A look at the national education picture. Always great articles. Kim Marshall summarizes all of the current research on education so you don’t have to.


To be continued…


Most of this is found on Twitter. I am not a fan of social media (or being social for that matter) but I have found Twitter to be an invaluable resource for my own professional development.  Within 15 minutes I can see all of the relative headlines for the day and I can decide to read on or not.  Imagine the news but it was all good and only what you cared about. That is Twitter.  You only follow people you want to hear from so skip the friends and start following those doing great things in your field. Feel free to unfollow them if you no longer want to read their stuff.  They won’t care and you will forever be reading just what you want to be reading.  Follow all the folks above for a great introduction and then get involved in a few edchats and you will be hooked!  Do it now. I’ll wait here…