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The Best Thing You Can Do For Learning in the Classroom is Leave It

Imagine your toughest class decides to be on point one day. The students are alert, smiling and ready for the lesson ahead.  The rambunctious boys are calm and in their seats. The usually distracted are focussed and all points are connecting for… Continue Reading →

Reaching the Top 5 and Bottom 5 Students

The Top 5 and Bottom 5

In general, every class has 5 kids that work far above the rest of the kids. They hang on your every word, their notes are impeccable, their work is far superior to everyone else and they generally are well behaved.  You feel like a genius teaching these kids

Why the iPad is the Worst Thing to Ever Happen to Education

Can we do better? I remember reading somewhere that tech had failed education because something new is always coming out and people want that next thing without knowing what to use it for or even mastering the previous item.  The… Continue Reading →

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