Education Unstuck is a blog about all things education.  It focuses on constantly improving upon we do in our own classrooms and how we can evolve with our students.  We are only partially joking when we say we want world domination, one classroom at a time. If we actually guide our students towards the high standards of every school’s student learning expectations then we will really be putting out leaders that will run the world effectively, efficiently and for the greater good.  That is a lofty goal but why not start in our classrooms.  Let’s not just talk about it but let’s take action on it.  That is what Education Unstuck is all about.  We hope to create a platform where master teachers are informing new teachers about their tried and tested tools and the tech savvy are inspiring the technophobes to step out of their comfy chair a little bit.  Let’s work together to get Education Unstuck.


Education Unstuck is edited by Thomas Boles, a former teacher, administrator and current tech coordinator for many of the catholic schools in San Francisco. He is the director of  Salesian Academy, a company which provides tech setup, maintenance, network design and teacher tech-integration coaching. Reimagining the learning process and implementing the change is at the heart of everything he does.   These pages offer the blueprint and the outlet for the many ideas in both response and to instigate the trends in education.